Each video has its own budget

Our 2 motion design offers

Develop your brand's universe

  • Visual style : an elaborated artistic direction.
  • The video’s technic : 2D animation.
  • Subject : to broadcast a message with style.

This range suits for notoriety campaigns aiming to strenghten the attachment for your brand. It sets for a long-term broadcasting.

Starting from 8 000$/minute. 

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Try out your new potential !

  • Visual style : an elaborated artistic direction and a sophisticated animation
  • The video’s technic : 2D traditional animation or 3D semi-realistic animation.
  • Subject : the launch of a brand or a wide-distribution video.

This range suits for the most ambitious film’s projects, seeking to leave a lasting impression on a brand’s identity and its communication.

Starting from 10 000$/minute. 

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Price of a motion design video

3 essential criteria.

Visual style

From a 3D photo-realistic to a minimalist motion design, every visual style requires artistic competences and specific technics which cost may vary.


The lenght of the video is an important factor. Every second of a video requires a thorough work. However, the longest a video is, the lowest its price per second will be.


Some topics may be more complex to deal with than others or require a larger number of characters and settings. Thus, they need a more important design work.

An overall support

A marketing support

Fygostudio provides you with its marketing experience specialized in the field of videos. For your TV, web or cinema distribution, Fygostudio shares its contacts and adresses book and gives you advices on directions to take.

Project management

A project manager is dedicated to you during the whole production. He liaises between your expectations and their implementation by the agency's specialists. Four steps of validation are scheduled to make your adjustments.

Intellectual property

Fygostudio gives you all of the rights to exploit and broadcast your finalized video ! Web, fairs, and social networks are all yours ! An adjustment of the licence and a specific export will be needed for a TV or cinema broadcasting.

A creative scenario

After a kick off meeting, our scriptwriter will organize a brainstorming with the creative team. He will quickly come back to you with his proposal.


Fygostudio ensures the production of your video in every detail : the settings' design, the shots' and characters' animation, the voice recording and the music. We provide you with a model of your video in order to get your adjustments and your approval.

Mediums you can use for different formats

Fygostudio freely provides you with some of the visual elements of the video so you can use them on print formats, POS, internet, websites and on the social networks.

TV advertising is subject to a specific development which budget is higher than for an online advertising.

How can this specificity of TV advertising be explained ? 

  • The important stakes of the campaign have to be adapted to the short format imposed by TV broadcasting.
  • The esthetical ambition is often stronger than for the other ways of broadcasting.
  • The fees for musics and voices are more expensive.
  • TV advertising departments are very stricts on the contents and the technical formats.

For a motion design TV advertising, it takes between 7 000$ and 20 000$. 


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