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Fygostudio creates motion design videos and real-life footages for brands and institutions. Our mission is to give charm, mystery, magic and to reveal the difference of each backer. Originality highlights and causes attachment. Difference draws its strenght from the past or a vision. We are not afraid to be yourself and we dare to build sincere and asserted discours, with you. Desires free the imagination and lead to the adventure.

Our added value

Fygostudio is a team of 5 people creating videos for more than 10 years. At the present time, the motion graphic agency Fygostudio created more than 150 short videos. This experience allows us to find ideas which will reveal your difference, create attachment and boost your audience’s memorization. Every year, we produce an original short movie. On this occasion, we develop new ways of visual expressions which will enrich your projects.

Our approach

Even though we love to produce advertising real-life footage videos, 80% of the videos we create are animated ones. This motion design specification allows us to offer you the best of animation videos. Don’t we say that success belongs to those who know to well surround themselves ? Offer us your trust and we will help you reach your greatest potential.

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